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Infinite Commodities is a lifestyle brand that strives to assist everyday people with living extraordinary lives. Our main focus is ensuring our client's obtain "Tier 1 Credit" in order to establish themselves, and accomplish all set financial goals. We work together to see to it that our clients prosper within their means.

Infinite Commodities also promotes credit education and financial literacy through our program, Credit and Me. The information presented in our program allows even the youth to grasp the fundamental concepts of credit. Our passion to educate is visibly evident through our inactive style of teaching. We pride ourselves on breaking down the myths, stigmas and complexities of credit, to lay the groundwork and build an understanding that will prepare our client's for both the present and the future.

ICTIER1CREDIT, our credit consulting agency, offers a new beginning to those who feel they need to start again. Our services are also utilized by those who have "good" personal credit but are not quite sure how to make their credit scores outstanding. We even assist those who are just starting out and need help with establishing personal credit because they have little or no credit.

Overall, we have assisted thousands of clients throughout the U.S. in our many years of business. Our elite clientele ranges from music and television entertainers, to sports athletes and social media influencers, as well as students, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs and all those in between.

The commonality between all of our clients is their trust in us to get the job done. We look forward to assisting you with all of your credit needs, and adding your name to the long list of satisfied clientele.



Honest. Reliable. Expertise.

We work with clients, providing exceptional credit consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services we offer and contact us to achieve immediate results.

Gazing Out the Window

Personal Credit Cleaning

Removes Derogatory Accounts & Information Including:



-Credit Card


Charge Off's



Tax Liens

Out-dated Personal Information: Previous addresses, phone numbers, co-applicants, employers, etc.

Credit Card

Personal Credit Building

The Path to Success Also Includes:

Establishing new credit card accounts that will ultimately aid with improving your overall credit score and payment history

Business Growth

Business Credit

Building Your Business

As you grow, so will your company. Having resources to sustain and promote growth is necessary. In order to help we provide services that include:

-Corporate Credit Cards

-Business Lines of Credit

*These accounts will report solely to build your company's business credit so that your company can stand alone on it's own creditworthiness.


Personal Financial Concierge Services

Expert Guidance That Takes You Up Another Level

We Also Offer:

Car Buying/Leasing Assistance

-Negotiating & Sealing the Deal​​


At Infinite Commodities, we know what exceptional customer services means, and we go the extra mile to make sure our clients reach their goals. For many years, we’ve helped our clients transform their lives thanks to our credit consulting services, and we are so proud to see them on the path toward greater success. See what our satisfied clients are saying. Just like them, we look forward to assisting you as well.


“My credit score was fine, but I wanted it to be better, and I needed someone I could trust to help me. Even when I had turned my attention to other things, Tiffany followed up with me and made sure that I was able to see improvements in my scores. What Infinite Commodities gave me was peace of mind that nothing from my past would affect my future financially.”

L. WilsonPhiladelphia, PA

"After great consultation and rebuilding your credit, Infinite Commodities also teaches the importance of maintaining good credit throughout your life! I gained a lot of knowledge throughout the process. Because of my wonderful experience I feel comfortable referring others.”

K. Hurns Chicago, IL

"ICTIER1 Credit, not only raised my credit score but helped me erase bad habits of practice from credit myths and ignorance. I'm super grateful for Tiffany's patience and willingness to hold my hand throughout my process. I'm no longer fearful when my credit needs to be pulled. I now sit and wait in confidence for my turn to negotiate on what I want thanks to my awesome credit!"

K. Hill, Chicago, IL

"I began working with Tiffany in 2015. At the time I had no lines of credit and no credit score. Not to mention, I was unknowledgeable about credit in general. I paid for both the personal cleaning and building services. My very first credit card had a $2,000 limit. Tiffany is very hands on and has mastered the art of teaching and getting results at the same time. Today I have 3 major credit cards with limits totaling $19,000. I also have a Platinum Amex with no preset limit. I purchased the car of my dreams for $109,000 with no co-signer! To this day, Tiffany has still remained hands on with all my financial decisions. Investing in not only my credit but the financial education I received from Infinite Commodities was worth every penny! Thank you Tiffany!"

C. GaitherLos Angeles, CA

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